Demo Day Roundup

On Wednesday, we officially launched our invite-only Startup Demo Day featuring over 50 of the best companies on Conduit. We’re thrilled to see the strength of active member engagement and the volume of strategic investor introductions made on the platform in real-time.

From meta-layer productivity software to drug discovery platforms to genetically engineered probiotics, a range of verticals was on display for our inaugural event. In the first two days of demo day, hundreds of introductions have been made through Conduit, paired with over 1K+ profile views in the first 24 hours alone.

SaaS, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence represented the three largest sectors actively raising on demo day, followed by a considerable number of fintech, logistics, hardware, gaming, and cloud infrastructure companies.

In tandem with Startup Demo Day, we launched Conduit Talent to help connect startups to candidates across engineering, design, operations, and finance roles. Over 100+ vetted candidates, with more being added every day, can be reached through the Conduit portal.

If you’re an active angel investor, we encourage you to apply for an invite for the rest of Demo Day, which will remain live through this Wednesday, May 6.

With 300+ startups and 500+ investors currently active on the Conduit platform, we encourage you to take part in the imminent wave of startups reshaping the future. We’d love to meet you.



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