Conduit’s Global Identity

Over the past few weeks, we’ve announced a series of new Conduit offerings in rapid succession. Some of these initiatives include Conduit Community, Talent Day, and our first digital Demo Day.

Among the startups actively raising on Conduit, ~25% are headquartered abroad in cities like Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Toronto, Lagos, Vienna, and Lisbon. However, to truly follow through on our mission to connect the world’s best operator-angels and early-stage founders, we must further expand our ability to serve a global audience on a macro scale.

In keeping with that goal, we’re excited to officially roll out Conduit Global, a division of our growing platform dedicated to accelerating international expansion via introductions, partnerships, and ultimately, investments.

Based on the evident trajectory of shifting power dynamics away from institutional investors to individual angels and operators, we believe Conduit to be favorably positioned at the forefront of a rapidly evolving multi-stage funding environment in the coming years.

Critically, this wave of change is not isolated to Silicon Valley. It stretches far beyond the United States into countries like Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey, India, Singapore, Nigeria, and Denmark.

The fastest-growing tech hubs in the world, across both valuation size and early-stage investment activity, lie across international waters in cities like Amsterdam, Banglore, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Helsinki.

At Conduit, we designed a platform to intentionally harness the incoming wave propelled by unprecedented market forces. After launching in January, we’ve made thousands of introductions between the world’s best operator-angels and early-stage founders, and we’re excited to do the same on a macro scale.

Conduit Global’s first major event will take place on April 29th, where we’ll be hosting an invite-only demo day for founders raising on the platform.

On April 30th, we’ll roll out our first official talent demo day to help connect startups actively hiring to candidates across engineering, design, operations, and finance roles.

With 300+ startups and 500+ investors currently active on the Conduit platform, we encourage you to take part in the imminent wave of global startups reshaping the future. We’d love to meet you.

VC investor in NYC.