Conduit Market Maps: Telehealth 101

Sree Kolli
4 min readAug 20, 2020


A few years ago, prescription telemedicine began to make its mark on the future of digital healthcare. More specifically, a handful of venture-backed startups began to emerge in quick succession across Silicon Valley and New York. Put simply, telemedicine offers greater access for patients of all demographics while additionally lowering provider costs across the board.

In the wake of quarantine and shelter in place orders, prescription telemedicine entered a new dimension of consumer adoption.

Utilization skyrockets and a number of the highlighted startups grew user bases quickly and raised additional funding.

In this report, our team examines the four leading cohorts with the field: men’s health, birth control, and fertility focused, as well as other leading telehealth players.

Men’s Health

A handful of men’s health and wellness-focused prescription telemedicine companies launched at almost the exact same time in 2017. The brands blended together subscription, healthcare, and e-commerce so that their customer cohorts could easily acquire necessary products without awkward conversations and trips to a doctor. Over the course of three and a half years, each of these brands has slowly raised more and more funding while expanding their product pipelines.

Hims offers a modern approach to health and wellness with a mission to eliminate stigmas and make it easier for people to access care and treatment for the conditions that impact their daily lives. Since launching in November 2017, the mainstream brand has raised over $200M.

Roman is a patient-driven telehealth company that puts users in control of their health. Roman set out to build technology to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. More specifically, the platform aspires to be the first call for all male healthcare needs.

Keeps is a full-service healthcare company focused exclusively on helping men keep their hair, Part of a large health-focused umbrella corp, Thirty Madison, Keeps provides a regimen specific to each customer’s condition through a seamless digital experience.

Birth Control

In tandem with the surge in men’s health startups raising capital a few years back, a cohort of impressive women’s prescription telemedicine companies launched in rapid succession. Though each of the following retains distinct differences in platform and culture, this group collectively shares a broader core mission to radically simplify women’s healthcare.

Nurx is a convenient and affordable way to manage everyday healthcare needs. Nurx is built to deliver on the three things: choice, so you can make positive decisions about your own body, control, so you can plan ahead without complication, and freedom, so your access to medication is never blocked by cost, bureaucracy, geography, stigma, or anything else.

Pill Club is an all-in-one healthcare startup delivering and prescribing birth control across the US. Their medical team includes doctors, nurses, and patient care coordinators ready to closely and supportively guide members every step of the patient journey.

Hers is on a mission to give users more convenient and affordable access to prescription products and medical advice. The sister company of Hims, the brand offers a modern approach to health and wellness with a mission to eliminate stigmas and improve access to care.

Fertility Focused

While fertility is closely tied to the broader mission behind the host of women’s health-focused telemedicine companies highlighted in the prior section, the following startups retain distinct initiatives for personalized and accessible fertility treatments paired with education platforms.

Modern Fertility is a reproductive health company making personalized fertility information more accessible. They provide fertility hormone essentials, from at-home tests to digital tools and an online community, for anyone with ovaries and have raised over $22M in funding since launch.

Maven Clinic is the leading women’s and family healthcare company, providing end-to-end coverage for all paths to parenthood. Maven has raised $88MM since launch and is backed by Icon Ventures and Sequoia Capital, along with individual strategic investors and angels.

Kindbody is reinventing healthcare for the modern family, starting with fertility, family-building, and wellness benefits. Through a national network of locations, Kindbody is bringing together clinical excellence, best-in-class technology, and accessible pricing.

Other Players

Eden Health is a primary care and insurance navigation company that works with your company’s health insurance to give you 24/7 access to medical providers and personalized insurance navigation. Companies rely on Eden to provide back to work solutions supported by fully integrated care for their employees.

Sherpaa is a telehealth platform that connects patients directly with experienced physicians instead of urgent care or primary care office visits. Through Sherpaa, doctors can order tests, prescribe and refill medications, and even arrange visits and procedures with local specialists if necessary.

Pager is your virtual care companion that provides a personalized, connected care experience throughout your healthcare journey, like having a “doctor in the family.” Pager provides people with the right information, navigation, and coordination services to access the complete set of virtual care services.

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As we scale our platform, understanding key market shifts across verticals will become increasingly vital. Our team will be digging deeper into emerging trends and first movers in the coming weeks, which you can find here.