Announcing Conduit’s Founder in Residence Program

This morning, we officially rolled out our Founder in Residence initiative, a platform to fund the best operators in the world at the earliest stages of company formation.

We built Conduit to connect the world’s best operator-investors and founders building the next generation of startups. This initiative will enable us to leverage our global network and unique positioning at the intersection of capital and talent to support the emerging wave of founders building industry-defining companies.

Whether you’re an ex-product manager launching a data & analytics startup in Shanghai, or a former software engineer scaling a backend e-commerce platform in LA, we’d love to meet you.

As of this morning, an exclusive Founder in Residence portal became virtually accessible. The program’s selection process consists of a written and video application, which will be reviewed within 24 hours. If approved, you will be invited to a second 30-minute video call interview.

After the video call, Conduit will make an investment decision in 24 hours post-interview. If selected, you will receive an email to confirm your investment selection and deal terms. Pending your decision, Conduit wires shortly thereafter.

To join us as a Founder in Residence, we invite you to apply as a candidate.

Ed & Sree



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