Announcing Conduit’s Emerging Fund Manager Day

Sree Kolli
2 min readMay 6, 2020


Over the last couple of weeks, we launched our first Startup Demo Day, featuring over 50 of the best companies actively raising on the platform, alongside Talent Demo Day, which connected over 100+ vetted candidates to companies actively hiring across operational and technical roles.

Based on the ongoing feedback and volume of member engagement through these two events, we’re excited to announce our first Emerging Fund Manager Day on Tuesday, June 2nd.

In keeping with our aim to build out Conduit’s global presence, this event will serve as a platform for fund managers to connect with both limited partners and active co-investors.

We will be featuring a curated group of fund managers through the Conduit portal while extending invites to a select group of family offices and limited partners around the world.

Given the current funding climate, limited partners actively allocating dry powder have a unique opportunity to carve out niche investment strategies by anchoring deals and investing in emerging fund managers with high degrees of industry specialization.

Learn more about our investment strategy here.

As early-stage capital markets continue to fragment into niche investment strategies, Conduit is well-positioned to connect the world’s best operator-investors, fund managers, and founders building the next generation of startups around the world.

If you’re a family office or limited partner actively deploying capital, we encourage you to apply for an invite for the upcoming event on June 2nd.

With 300+ startups and 700+ investors currently active on the Conduit platform, we encourage you to take part in the imminent wave of startups reshaping the future. We’d love to meet you.

Ed + Sree