Announcing Conduit’s 1st Talent Demo Day

We’re thrilled to officially announce Conduit’s upcoming talent demo day to help connect startups to candidates across engineering, design, operations, and finance roles.

We built Conduit to connect the world’s best operator-investors and founders building the next generation of startups. At the nexus of early-stage capital and rapidly scaling teams, Conduit’s unique positioning in the market enables us to not only facilitate investment but significantly accelerate hiring.

For both candidates and companies, we aim to be a tactical resource to help navigate evolving market conditions in the wake of COVID-19. Over the coming months, we intend to amplify our efforts to place incredible talent with startups actively looking to scale their teams.

On April 30th, an exclusive Conduit portal will become available for select applicants to browse over 300 startups hiring on our platform, while vetted companies may request introductions to participating candidates. Startups actively recruiting on Conduit span fintech, telehealth, digital media, e-commerce, SaaS, and mobility verticals.

To get in front of these teams, we invite you to apply as a candidate.

See you on Conduit!

Ed & Sree

VC investor in NYC.