Announcing Conduit Community

This morning, we officially rolled out Conduit Community, a digital platform to share ideas, connect with members, and learn from the best founders, operators, and angels in the world.

As our community evolves over the next year, its heartbeat will center around Office Hours, a rolling series of in-depth, intimate conversations with the best operator-angels across the startup ecosystem.

Conduit members have exclusive access to these invite-only events. Over the past few weeks, we’ve held sessions with Plated co-founder Josh Hix, Pinch & RocksBox founder Maia Bittner, and former Venmo COO Michael Vaughan, among a host of other founders and executives.

During a session last week, Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss offered insights into building aspirational brands, optimizing for hiring general athletes, listening to customers for product insights, word of mouth advertising. In another forum, Bombas co-founder David Heath reiterated the value of healthy margins and top-shelf creative for consumer brands.

In addition to Conduit Community, we recently announced two important updates. On April 29th, we’ll be hosting an invite-only demo day for founders actively raising on the platform.

On April 30th, we’ll roll out our first official talent demo day to help connect startups actively hiring to candidates across engineering, design, operations, and finance roles.

With 300+ startups and 500+ investors currently active on the Conduit platform, we encourage you to take part in the imminent wave of startups reshaping the future. We’d love to meet you.




VC investor in NYC.

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Sree Kolli

Sree Kolli

VC investor in NYC.

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